Capture of USS Chesapeake

W Elmes, The Brilliant Achievement of the Shannon ... in Boarding and Capturing the United States Frigate Chesapeake off Boston, June 1st 1813 in Fifteen Minutes (1813).jpg

The Capture of USS Chesapeake, or the Battle of Boston Harbor, was fought on 1 June 1813, between HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake, as part of the War of 1812. Shannon won the battle, and Chesapeake was captured, in a pitched battle in which over 80 men were killed.At Boston, Captain James Lawrence took command of Chesapeake on 20 May 1813, and on 1 June, put to sea to meet the waiting HMS Shannon, the frigate whose written challenge had just missed Chesapeake\’s sailing. During six minutes of firing, the vessels fired two full broadsides; 362 shots struck Chesapeake, while 258 struck Shannon. Chesapeake suffered early in the exchange of broadsides, having her wheel shot away, costing her her maneuverability. Lawrence himself was mortally wounded and was carried below.

via Capture of USS Chesapeake – Wikipedia

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